Terms and Conditions

  1. Luggage weighing up to 20 Kgs per ticket is allowed free of charge in the bus. In case of excess luggage, ELT (Extra Luggage Tariff) will be charged as per company policy.
  2. In case of luggage (other than the hand luggage) is misplaced / lost, passengers are requested to report to the terminal office immediately / before leaving the terminal.
  3. Passengers are also requested to take care of their belongings in the passenger's lounge, washrooms, ticketing or departure area etc. Company will not bear any responsibility in case of lost of luggage.
  4. Pets / Animals are not allowed in the bus or its luggage compartment.
  5. Chemicals, Oil Cane, Gas Cylinders (Full or Empty), Alcohol, Drugs, Weapons, Explosives, Liquids, Perishable Items are not allowed in the bus or its luggage compartment.
  6. Company is not responsible if any passenger lost his / her luggage, money, jewelry, prize bonds and precious items etc. due to accident / any kind of tragic incident.
  7. Passengers are requested to ensure the loading of their luggage (if any) in the luggage compartment of the bus and carefully collect the luggage. They are strictly prohibited to put any cash, jewelry, prize bonds, or any precious / delicate item in such luggage lest it is lost or damaged. The company will entertain no claim in this regard.
  8. Any passenger who is drunk or in condition will not be allowed to enter in the bus even he / she has bought the ticket.
  9. Passengers are not allowed to leave their vehicles in the premises of the company while traveling to / from different stations.
  10. Company will not be responsible for any damage to the passenger's vehicles due to wrong parking by them.
  11. In case of breakdown of bus en-route, the passengers shall be accommodated in the next / substitute / same bus and part of the fare would be refunded as per company policy.
  12. Company will not be responsible for any late departure or arrival due to road construction / traffic congestion / accident / tragic incident or any improper weather condition.
  13. Passengers, who missed the bus for which they had tickets, are requested to report at the ticketing office and avoid catching the bus by running after it or by other vehicle lest some accident occurs. They will be accommodated in next departure subject to the availability of seats.
  14. Passengers are requested to check / confirm the cash balance before leaving the ticketing counter. Company will not be responsible for any short balance claimed after leaving the counter once.
  15. Full ticket will be charged for children of 5 years and above.
  16. For the purpose of safety and security, passengers are requested to cooperate with the staff performing security scanning / body search at the time of boarding