Bus Service

Al Shahbaz Bus is the Private Transport and it is the main operation of the company. Al Shahbaz Bus service provides you with long-distance, time-efficient traveling services within major cities of Pakistan. Al Shahbaz leads you to your destination with their Luxurious Buses and dedicated staff. 

Online Booking

Al Shahbaz Transport now proudly announce the online booking to make our passengers more comfortable Now you can book a ticket online as well as check the schedule of our buses anytime anywhere via our website

Cargo Service

Al Shahbaz Cargo services are set up adjacent to all terminals and function 24 hours a day, providing safe and quick dispatch of your cargo consignments from terminal to terminal. We serve our valued customers by providing same-day delivery. Our cargo volume has been increasing rapidly over the years than the expansions of the bus passengers 

Advance Booking

Al Shahbaz Provide you the Advance booking option for the comfort our passengers in rushy days and avoid convience. You can buy advance ticket from the terminal or book a advanve ticket from our web portal.

Scheduled Service

Time is our strength! we operate under a set timetable to all terminals and function 24 hours a day, Timely service is our derive force which allows us to take our customers to their destination on time. The bus leaves the terminal every 20 minutes, which means you will never be late. "Trust us!! No matter what, we are always on time " 


Al Shahbaz Travels allows you to connect with your loved ones every time, everywhere by providing you a high-speed internet connection everywhere. whether you are on the terminal waiting for the bus or you are on the bus traveling to your destination, you are always connected to your social world.